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The girl behind the blog:
Me on a typical night out

Hello! I am a 20 year old kid living right in the middle of Manila. By day, I work as a speech pathologist in various clinics around the area, delighting in helping kids and adults reach their full communicative potential. My main interests include the internet, my pug, and food. I like to talk in disjointed sentences and use weird humor.

The blog:
I like food a whole lot. I go to great lengths to satisfy a craving, and am always up to try new things. I decided that a good way to document all these food adventures would be to set up this blog. Here, I will be talking about all the new and old food items and food places I've tried, maybe stick in a couple of recipes here and there (because you should COMPLETELY trust me with not exploding your kitchen) in a not-so-serious manner. We'll be talking about belch-worthy food (good down to the last of its gassy remains) and blergh-worthy food (as in my tummy is both sad and angry) and everything in between. This is not a professional food blog, I do not receive compensation for any of the posts and the opinions expressed here are completely my own (along with a couple of others). If you're looking for a good semi-funny read to whet your appetite, then you've come to the right place. Dig in!

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