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Thursday, May 22, 2014

LoLa Cafe + Bar

LoLa Cafe and Bar is one of those little hidden restaurants in Tomas Morato. You won't be able to find it unless you veer off the path for a bit, or look a little more. That's what makes it kind of special.

It's located along Scout Lozano, a nice little place that if not for the bright signs out front, you could easily mistake for just another modern house along the road.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

RUB Ribs and BBQ

I have a weird work schedule that has me traveling a lot throughout the week to different clinics. On Tuesdays, I get to go to work at Tomas Morato, and that naturally means I get to eat in the area after work. Score! The place is just crawling with food establishments everywhere, that in almost a year of working in the area, I have yet to try a good chunk of them (maybe it's because I usually resign myself to the McDonalds near our clinic for the sake of familiarity and cheapness...and also the fries).

Anyway, this particular Tuesday, my boyfriend (who is usually the one I drag out on these food adventures because I dubbed it the ultimate "boyfriend duty") and I hauled our hungry butts over to RUB Ribs and BBQ, which is seen to your right almost immediately as you make a turn from Tomas Morato into Scout Rallos street.

The menu!

Monday, May 12, 2014

Angel's Pizza Pasta Combo

I believe it to be fitting that the very first post on this blog be dedicated to the regular default answer to "What's your favorite food?" -- PIZZA!

And what pizza chain to start this all off with, but with my favorite companion on many late nights when I have decided to not care for my growing love handles for just that moment in time. Actually, to be honest, I have yet to visit an actual physical Angel's Pizza store. I usually just dial them up, order away and count the seconds until my beloved comes a-knocking. However, this semi-long distance relationship is definitely for keeps!
"I love you, my chubby cherubic chef." I whispered in between mouthfuls of pizza.