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Thursday, May 22, 2014

LoLa Cafe + Bar

LoLa Cafe and Bar is one of those little hidden restaurants in Tomas Morato. You won't be able to find it unless you veer off the path for a bit, or look a little more. That's what makes it kind of special.

It's located along Scout Lozano, a nice little place that if not for the bright signs out front, you could easily mistake for just another modern house along the road.

The parking lot is pretty normal. When we got there, there were a lot of other cars though so parking was kind of tight and we had to have the security guard (who was really nice, by the way!) help us navigate through the parking spaces because driving + parking skillz are poopsss. Haha.

There are two floors and we decided to settle down on the first floor, near the bar area. The interiors actually still looked like a house, and the main colors were predominantly black and white with little pops of color here and there.

Look at that bright green fake grasssssss.

The stairs leading up to the second floor, which is a little bit plainer than the first floor. The bathrooms are up here too!

We just decided to get some dessert because we had just eaten dinner. Actually, I didn't. I totally wanted to sample a couple of their entrees but I didn't want to dethrone Miss Piggy just yet.

 Black and white menu

So we ended up getting the bannoffee pie (because bannoffee is life, bannoffee is love), the amaretto (because almonds) and the pistachio pavlova (because pistachios). I wanted to order some more but my boyfriend already had his hand over my mouth and was sending the server to the kitchen. 

Hello, is it me you're looking for

The banoffee pie was actually good. The middle bit was frozen, kind of like ice cream. However, there was just the right balance of bananas, crumbly graham base, cream and sweet sugary goodness. Mmmm! Because the one thing I don't really like is putting too much cream on my banoffee pie. It reminds me of the chips and air scenario in every bag of chips. Huhu the imbalance!

Bloop bloop 

I don't really know what I expected from this. *shrugs shoulders*. It was an okay drink. Probably wouldn't get this again, though.

Three little pistachio pavlovas went plink plink plink onto this grey tile.

Okay, so this was the last thing we ordered. It's crispy yet chewy, topped with bits of mangoes and pistachio. I'm not really a big fan of meringue-based desserts, so I had this taken care of by my personal food-finisher. 

So overall, the place had a really nice ambiance and works well for lunch and dinner dates. I would've loved to try the other offers on the menu, maybe next time. Service was good, and people were really polite and accommodating. Would probably return soon!

Lola Cafe + Bar is located at 99 Scout Lozano Street, Quezon City, Philippines.
Facebook page: LoLa Cafe + Bar

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