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Sunday, November 2, 2014

South Korean street food and more!

In April of this year, some of my friends and I decided to take a break from work and our busy lives and schedules and visit South Korea! It was the first time I've been there, and I was super excited to go there and try all their food! I'm not really a fan of K-pop and K-dramas and other famous South Korean people so I wasn't really in this for all that. Just food mainly. Oh, and I have a very limited knowledge on South Korea and their culture, so this was going to be a nice learning experience for me as well. But srsly...mainly food.

So this post is basically going to be detailing only some of the South Korean food I have had the privilege of sampling. We weren't able to take pictures of a lot of the other food we ate mainly because we were already too busy digging into them. But hey, it's the memories that count! So to start this post off, here's the first thing we ate when we got there:

Korean grilling skillz

South Korea is basically a haven of street food. Like there are a whole lot of stalls and food carts everywhere, lined up beside each other. One of the places where we had a lot of street food was Myeong-dong, a shopping district in Seoul. I was surrounded by places selling clothes, toys, make-up and all I wanted was to stay outside and walk and eat. Mmmm!


Just look at those tiny adorable fishes! Cooked in their tiny fishy molds. Awww! These are filled with red bean paste, while others are filled with sweet custard. These reminded me so much of the Korean ice cream I love 5-ever, Samanco (vanilla ice cream and sweet red bean paste placed inside a fish-shaped wafer). However, with these, I preferred the custard-filled ones better.

Dipped strawberries!


Look at that foot-long ice-cream swirl. JUST LOOK AT IT. This was so fun to eat and it comes in different flavors. There was green tea (obvious choice for me), strawberry and chocolate. 

Breakfast of champions! 

Egg toast

Basically it's a whole egg cooked on top of some bread or waffle batter. And it's so simple but it tastes so good! I think I inhaled three in my first go at it. I even had the guy at the stall pack me up some more for "later" (5 minutes down the road). 

Fried stuff, tteokobokki, hotdogs

So these were the most common food carts I saw in South Korea, aside from the ones selling odeng (fish cakes stewed in broth). These are actually quite spicy but yummy! I wasn't much of a fan of the rice cakes, but I loved the hotdogs!

I didn't get to take pictures of them but I also loved the dried squid and octopus strips. They were chewy and a delight to eat.

 Schnee pang

We found these among the many different stores in the subway area of Seoul. These are fried balls of dough topped with a variety of different flavors. Once you get one, they break it up with a mallet so you can pick out the pieces better (as opposed to ruining your dental work over it).

So the next batch of pictures are of the food items we had from one of Everland's (a theme park) restaurants. These were kind of pricey, as one would expect when you get food from inside an amusement park. But we were really hungry already and needed something to throw up (kidding) after one of the most intense roller coasters I've ever experienced.

Everland food!

Orange chicken, I think and fried rice. The spring roll looking things up top were filled with bananas and sprinkled with corn flakes. They tasted a lot like turon, from the Philippines.

Some spicy soup and a rice cake

Chicken curry, fried rice, salad and pita bread

And to cap this post off, more group food pictures! This trip was a whole lot of fun and the company was great as well. I learned a lot and both my heart and my tummy were happy!

Please note all these hands who couldn't wait for the picture to be taken 

 Impulse control maximum level! (No hands here!)

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