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Monday, August 11, 2014


Since I was craving for some meat tonight, we decided to check out Salt, a reported hole-in-the-wall steakhouse in Makati that serves affordable above-average meals. Sulit! 

We went there by taxi, semi-getting lost along the way, but you probably won't miss the restaurant's bright full moon sign. It's located right at the corner of two streets. When we got there, there was also quite a few people lined up outside. We had to wait for our turn and had a waitress put us on the waiting list. There was just one waiting bench, so everyone practically had to stand around in the street avoiding passing cars and leaning on telephone poles. 

The place was actually pretty small. There was a dining area outside with a couple of tables and benches and a dining area inside. There was also an in-between dining area to the side (half-inside, half-outside). I think this area was supposed to be a garage but they put tables and benches in there also. It was pretty hot because you were walled in, not much fresh air getting in there.

Their pretty straightforward menu, placed on a clipboard.

They were right. Prices were pretty reasonable! I was intrigued by the frozen brazo de mercedes because you can't take the sugar out of this girl, but sadly they were all out for the night. Huhu. To compensate, I ordered lots of meat and some fish for good measure!

 Grilled Cajun Chicken with a side of salsa and not-pictured rice 

Grilled with spices spreading right to the bone, I had a good time going through this dish. But I was willing to share!

 Grilled Tuna

More grilled stuff! I ordered the fish because I wanted to see how this steakhouse fared with seafood. This was surprisingly good, though and it was a nice big portion! I especially liked the pickled sides, a nice compliment to the not-too-fishy tasting tuna.

Tonight's winner (T-bone steak)

So this was the best-tasting out of the bunch but it was a bit too well-done for my taste. I don't think they asked how I wanted it done. However, I enjoyed it all the same, including the sauce that went with it and the potato salad (because potatoes are my soulmates!)

Service was kind of wonky though. Or maybe it was just our particular server. She seemed kind of annoyed all the time and didn't really seem very welcoming. Oh well. Fairly good experience.

Check Salt out at 5887 Fermina Street, corner Enriquez Street, Polacion, Makati

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